I’ve baked a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and eaten all of it myself.

Because who shares cake?

Most people complain on a regular basis. I myself am an accomplished whinger, with the ability to find a problem in just about anything. That is, until I start actually thinking about my life. While it’s far from perfect, there’s nothing much I would really want to change.

I enjoy the mundane. It’s probably quite telling that my favourite scenes in books and films are always the ones where characters are going about their daily life and nothing is going disastrously wrong. I like having work to do; I know through experience that if I have nothing to work towards I will get hopelessly bored and become even lazier than I already am. I love being at university (neverending fresher’s flu notwithstanding) and I like just being me.

I noticed a post on my reader about describing the perfect day and I realised that for me, every day is pretty close to the perfect day. Yes, I have bad days, but I’m lucky enough to have found some very close friends at university who I can always call and we can find somewhere to sit and make each other laugh. Loud, snorting, honking, public-hazard belly laughs that draw stares and clear rooms. This is a daily occurrence regardless of how we are feeling, but it’s a sure-fire way to improve a bad day.

I also love the direction my life is heading. I know I want to go into research but I’m also trying my hand at science journalism, with my first article (hopefully) about to be published in the university’s biosciences magazine. I could decide I want to go into science journalism full-time after university; I don’t know yet. I have time to decide and the one thing I’m certain of is that science is the path I want to be taking.

There are still things I’d change, such as my ability to procrastinate, my compulsive skin-picking and the state of my love-life, but honestly, these are all things I can deal with. Except possibly the love-life one, but if I doggedly socialise someone is going to wind up not realising how insane I am until it’s too late. And if not, well, see the section about laughing with friends above. Much laughter has happened, much pain has been worked through and many ridiculous (and entirely deserved) insults have been leveled at men who have wronged us.


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