Do workouts make you selfish?

I am a self-confessed gym rat. I love exercise. I love going to the gym and doing a hundred kettlebell squats. I love sweating (it makes showering the greatest thing ever). So it’s a bit frustrating to feel like I can’t post anything on Facebook about exercising or keeping in shape. Apparently, it makes other people feel bad about themselves. Well, I shouldn’t be made to feel bad because I complained about not getting a chance to go to the gym for a few days.

If other people are allowed to talk about how much time they spent on a game to reach a certain level, then I should be allowed to talk about the goal I reached during my morning workout. I bet we’ve spent equal amounts of time on the task. I bet each of us has struggled as much as the other. But god forbid my lifestyle should make you feel inadequate. You know what? If my hobby makes you feel bad about your hobby, then maybe you should find another one. Instead of complaining that it’s selfish to keep showing off your body when the rest of us can’t find the energy to do more than drink coffee in the mornings, find something that makes you proud to show off what you’ve achieved. Everyone who’s run that 10k, who’s cracked that quest in whatever game they’re playing, who’s had their writing or artwork featured in a major publication, has worked hard to get there. It’s not called showing off if you post a picture of that drawing you spent a month on, so why is it showing off if you post a picture of your abs that you spent a month toning?

Someone once told me that they think less of girls who wear leggings without shorts or a skirt, because they look slutty. Never mind whether the leggings look good, if they’re nearly as thick as regular trousers or if they cover up far more than a teeny, tiny pair of booty shorts. Nope: leggings = slutty, because they show off a girl’s actual shape. I would like to say that I wear leggings all the time; they are incredibly comfortable and if I look good wearing them, that’s a bonus. If I get looked at because of it, I don’t actually mind.

There, I said it. I don’t mind guys staring at me and my body. I’ve worked hard to get the figure I have, and if it gets noticed, it’s validation that getting up at 6.20 every morning to get to the gym before my 9am lectures is worth it. I used to worry that I would feel uncomfortable if a guy were to stare at my boobs while I’m having a conversation, but the truth is that very few guys I’ve come across actually do that. If they do they’re usually drunk, and watching their eyes drift downwards and then snap back up again is quite funny. Yes, we notice. I’m usually flattered that a guy is watching me over the countless other girls he could be staring at.

So don’t feel bad because someone else has got the body they’ve always wanted. Go out there and get the body you’ve always wanted, and which I promise you is in there, it just takes a little bit of effort. Plus, working out is far more fun than you’d realise, particularly with a good playlist and a gym buddy to have a laugh with while you’re there.

And if that isn’t motivation enough, switching up your diet, cooking properly and working out means you can eat as much as you like! Including chocolate! And pizza! Seriously, I’m on five carb-laden meals a day and I’ve never felt better!


2 thoughts on “Do workouts make you selfish?

  1. I agree! It’s a shame that people can’t encourage and support you, even in things they may not participate in. I recently finished a round of P90X, and the “likes” on my progress on Facebook only came from others who work out regularly. Keep doing what you love, and do enjoy that eating whatever you want while you can- that changes later on, no matter how much you work out! Best, Karen 🙂


    1. I would love to be confident enough to post about my workouts on Facebook, luckily most of my close friends are cool with me endlessly texting them about the gym and how much I love it! As a student potatoes and pasta are two of the cheapest staples I can get, I’m in for a nasty shock the day I find I can’t eat unlimited amounts of them!

      Thank you so much for commenting, it’s great to get feedback on what I write (it’s nice to know people read this blog as well)!


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