Bedrooms, Bug Mugs and Blu-tack

So, I’m finally at university! I’ve got an amazing room with nothing but trees, grass and birdsong outside the window and some lovely flatmates. I also have an enormous amount of clothing drying in my bathroom as I decided to start doing all my laundry twenty four hours before I left home.

As the resident Zoologist and the only one in my flat who isn’t scared of insects, I am now the dedicated bug-removal service. I even have my very own Bug Mug, because what better use for the single orange, #HappyHalls-emblazoned, plastic mug we were given in the kitchen of the flat.

I’m enormously glad there’s no pressure on me to go out and party – in fact, several of my flatmates are already in bed! As it is, I’m very tired too; I got up at 5.15am to finish packing the car and to get ready to spend the morning shooting target rifle at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley (that place I mentioned right before I dropped off the face of the earth for several months). This is why this post is a rambling mess, but I decided to post it anyway because there’s only one first day of university. And I’m spending it alone in my room, writing a blog post…

Oh well. There’s a roller disco tomorrow night and I absolutely have to be fresh for that because there is no way I’m passing up the opportunity to show off my mean skillz (sarcasm entirely intended).

In the meantime, here’s a badly-taken picture of my room, complete with Captain America poster stuck up with blu-tack, which isn’t breaking the rules because I checked.

Oh god, I really do need some sleep.

I have a double bed too! And an insanely strict guest policy…well played, RHUL, well played.

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