I am not dead

Hi, it’s me, although you’ve probably all forgotten who I am! I got back from holiday on August 11th and the 14th was…dun dun DUUUUNNN: Results Day.


At 7am, when I’d been tossing and turning for about an hour trying to decide whether to get up or not, I got a text. It was from Royal Holloway, confirming my place! I AM GOING TO ROYAL HOLLOWAY IN TWO WEEKS!! (All-caps entirely necessary). This meant that I could bounce into the hall at school and rip open my results without giving a flying fig what they were. (They were Bs).

Since then it’s been a string of paperwork, shopping, work and a few parties to say goodbye to all my friends. There is absolutely loads to write about, and hopefully I’ll start posting again regularly, and by regularly, I mean a humongous dump of posts all in one go and then nothing until Christmas.

Plus, autumn is on it’s way and I’ve never been so excited for it!


This is the internet. Go on, start an argument.

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