Holidays, shooting and cats. Not necessarily in that order.

I have an excuse, honest! A legitimate one! First I was on holiday and had no Internet, then I got home and went straight into exams, then I had to get ready for the Imperial Shooting  Competition, which I depart for tomorrow. 

This is going to be my last chance to post before I leave, hence why I’m writing this on my phone on a break at work. I promise to make up for the continuing radio silence by putting up plenty of pictures of the fun time I will be having for the next two weeks (unless there’s no WiFi, in which case, soz).

As soon as I get back from Bisley, I’ll be off to France again (I swear, my life is not actually a string of holidays and shooting-themed parties; I’m actually quite lame in reality). There will be no internet, so I’ll be offline until mid-August.

I’m done with the excuses now. On to the interesting bits…of which I have nothing to post at the moment, as exams aren’t interesting and ‘I might end up living on a boat next year’ is going to take too long to explain. I have nothing to offer except a picture on one of my cats (badly) dressed as a rabbit: