Writing hard

I don’t struggle for post ideas. I don’t struggle with writing posts. I don’t agonise over my titles and I don’t compulsively edit and re-edit what I write before hitting ‘publish’. Yet nearly all of my ideas never make it onto this blog, despite my feeling that they would actually make good posts.

The reason for this is that I find it nearly impossible to write the first sentence. I will open a new post window, mentally run through the gist of the post, and stare blankly at the screen for the next twenty minutes. Half a sentence might be written, then I’ll backspace it all and start again.

I don’t revisit posts; most of them are written, read through once and published in the space of less than an hour. If I leave something unfinished it will remain unfinished, because by the time I get back to it I’ll have changed my mind completely about what it should look like and delete it. So if I’m not enthusiastic enough about the idea to churn out a complete post on the first go, it probably won’t see the light of day. While I’m writing a post, my ideas are constantly evolving. I’ll write five hundred words and then get rid of the first half of the post because the theme has evolved into something totally different.

This is, of course, a ridiculous and time-wasting way to go about writing, but it’s the way I’m most comfortable with. I’m a lazy person, and the time it would take to hone my writing skills to the point where I could put out a meaningful and thought-provoking article every time I post would most likely destroy my interest in blogging. And that would be a shame, because then none of you would get to read my brain farts!


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