Happiness is the brain’s laxative…

So, finally I can post some news…

I am happy to say that I am now the proud holder of five UCAS offers! That means an offer from every university I applied to! Including Royal Holloway!!!!

They vary quite a bit, from Aberystwyth’s B, Birmingham’s ABB, Reading’s ABC/BBB, Royal Holloway’s AB and Southampton’s AAB, but they’re all perfectly achievable and now I’m not terrified I’m going to jinx getting an offer, I can get on with actually revising.

Of course, the next tricky bit is deciding which university I want to put as my insurance choice. Royal Holloway is definitely my firm choice, but there’s still a probability that I could miss the offer and have to go with my insurance choice. Birmingham isn’t featuring at all; I only put it down because I had to fill all five choices on the UCAS form. I’ve visited Aberystwyth and Reading and was very taken with both of them, but I’m also visiting Southampton on Saturday and will no doubt like it there as well.

Of course, it seems a bit counter-intuitive to put down a university with higher entry requirements as my insurance choice, so I’m not sure how likely it is to feature on my list.

There are pros and cons for each university, but to go into them all now would be utterly boring to everyone who isn’t sitting on university offers at the moment so I won’t. All I will say is that Aberystwyth has got to be in one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen and it’s a pity the campus is constructed entirely from concrete.

There’s nothing much else to say at the moment; I’m feeling a bit cabin-feverish due to not having left the house for anything other than work and university visits in the last two weeks. My social life is nil, except for Skype and Facebook, and that’s no substitute for actual humans.

Also, I’m having to avoid Facebook because another farmer’s son is being oddly…talkative. I can’t log in without a message cropping up asking me how I’m doing, and it’s slightly irritating. Plus I feel guilty because I’m doing nothing to keep the conversation going and it’s awkward. But what do you ask a farmer’s son? ‘How are the cows?’ I can see the cows from my window, they look fine. And I can smell the cows; they smell fine, too. 

I’m going to end it here, because this is dissolving into another brain fart and it’s late and I should really be going to bed.

Before I go: Do You Like Horses? Are You Interested In Science? Then Check Out My Other Blog That I Spent The Afternoon Updating In Order To Avoid Revision!

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Go on, click on the pretty pony :)
Go on, click on the pretty pony 🙂

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