My Schrodinger’s Cat approach to university offers

It’s probably time for another university update, something I’ve been deliberately avoiding partly because I’m trying not to think too hard about it and partly because you would not believe how difficult it is to make a post about university applications actually interesting.

As it stands so far, I’ve had offers from four of my five universities (Southampton, Reading, Birmingham, Aberystwyth) and have an interview with Royal Holloway next Wednesday.

*break for crazed, ecstatic dancing*

They’ve said that they send out offer confirmations or denials the same day, after the interview.The interview is an informal chat at the end of the applicant visit day for staff to get to know you better. This means that the entire day (complete with ‘fun laboratory exercise’) is going to be an interview.

In some ways, I absolutely can’t wait for the interview because this is my dream university. In other ways, I’m absolutely terrified because I’ll know one way or another by this time next week. And I’m really, really, really hoping they give me an offer. This is the only university I really want to go to.

I’m a single minded person; unlike some of my friends who dithered over their choices for weeks and still don’t think they’re in quite the right place, I’d pretty much made my decision the moment I stepped on campus (nothing at all to do with the Founder’s Building being utterly stunning…). It was the same when picking my secondary school: there are some places I just feel ‘right’ in and Royal Holloway is one of those places.

Anyway, all of this is adding up to a big pile of nerves. I’m not one of those people who has to have an answer, one way or another. I much prefer not knowing things; that way I don’t have to deal with potential disappointment. I was exactly the same with results; I didn’t want to know. Hence my attitude being ‘my offer or rejection is sitting in the box and until I open that box I can consider myself as both having and not having an offer’.

Which, now I’ve written it down, doesn’t look all that comforting.


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