Anyone want to hazard a guess at what trees I’ve drawn?

Christmas is the time for receiving Christmas cards. Christmas is also the time for sending Christmas cards. My parents, being the completely organised and prepared people that they are, have still not sent any Christmas cards*. I would like to point out that this is not a draft post I wrote in early January, this is a  fresh new post from the beginning of February.

The problem of finding suitable cards to send out also arose. Many of my parents’ friends, being either Cambridge graduates or in the military, have redefined the word ‘overachiever’. Their children are even worse. And even worse than all of this, they’re overachievers on an international level. So, my mother decided to remedy this by showcasing some of our talents (including our prodigal ability to be late with everything). This meant that she wanted me to produce a drawing for the front of the cards. I have duly produced a drawing, and here it is:

The house in snow

This is our house way back in 2010, when we had the best snow I’ve seen in a long time. Snow, when it falls in the UK properly, is pretty amazing. It’s all enormous fluffy white flakes and thick, soft drifts and none of it ever reaches higher than your ankle so it doesn’t stop you from doing what you want. Of course, my attitude to snow is considerably improved by the fact that we have a Land Rover and that thing just eats through snow, ice, whatever weather you care to throw at it.

I’m not displeased with how the sketch has come out, but at the same time, houses are not my forte (far too many straight lines) and the people who built this house (way back in 1670-something) clearly didn’t think about what would happen if a future resident ever wanted to draw it because they inconsiderately put detail on every square inch of the front. Also, I have a significant problem with drawing trees. Something about the repetitive nature of the leaves turns me into a five year old with a crayon.

And I got the details on the front door too big. And snow is incredibly difficult to draw. You can’t put an outline on something that’s invisible in the picture!

Other than that, all absolutely fine.

My aim over the course of the next few months is to start uploading the various sketches I have lying around the house. While I’m definitely not the world’s most talented artist, it’s nice to have somewhere I can keep all of my drawings, instead of stumbling across them randomly when I move a stack of books in my room, or finding one in the photocopier, or under my bed, or stuck to the wall behind my wardrobe.

*My parents are also feeling so guilty about not sending any Christmas cards that they haven’t yet opened the ones we’ve received because my mother wants time to sit down and write a personal response to each one (she does this most years, it’s just not normally this late).


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