This post is rambling and doesn’t make much sense, mostly because I’m tired.


I’m back.

The problem with me is that I never know how to start posts. I’ll have a million ideas but instead of just sitting down and churning them out, I’ll ignore them because I don’t have a clue what my first sentence should be.

I’m now staring at my computer and thinking what a stupid way that was to start a blog post, and how I should just start again. So I’ll start again, but without crossing it out, because chances are the next part will look stupid too.

Anyway, what can I tell you about my fascinating life? I’ve passed my driving test (3 minors, BITCHES) and passed a piano exam. I have turned 18 and therefore am fully legal in every way. I’ve taken advantage of my legal status and been out clubbing and actually enjoyed myself and didn’t panic.

And that brings me to my main news: my panic disorder has cleared up almost completely! The day after my exams finished, I woke up and cycled down the road to buy eggs. I made it the half mile there and back and didn’t once panic. That may not seem like a big deal, but believe me, when you’ve been unable to lose sight of your house without a parent for five years, it’s kind of a relief.

I’ve been into town, I’ve been swimming, I’ve been clubbing, I’ve been to work. No panic attacks!

Of course, this leads me nicely on to my next worry, which is university. I have set my heart on studying Biology at Royal Holloway, University of London. It’s got fairly high entrance standards (ABB), and I’m fairly sure I didn’t get that. Unless you count General Studies (which they don’t) or my Extended Project, which, while being extremely relevant to my course and career choices, only counts as half an A Level and is meant to top up your qualifications.

Either way, I’ll know as of next Thursday whether I have a shot or if I should just consign myself to the educational scrapheap.

I mentioned that I’d passed my driving test. I passed on July the 4th with 3 minors (I’m going to keep saying that). Unfortunately, I have not been able to drive my car, and will be unable to until September the 1st. I will go into the details of why that is in a future post, because it is messy and the post will be ranty, and this is an update, not an ‘I Hate Insurance Companies’ rant.

I’ve loaned my neighbour’s filly, because she’s beautiful and he treats her like crap. I’ve named her Pepper and you’ll be able to read all about her shortly on My Other Blog.

The weather in England is doing its typical summer thing of being rainy and stormy. I don’t begrudge this as much as I would normally, because the last month and a half has been a ridiculous heatwave, the kind which hasn’t been seen for eighteen years. I know how hot it was, because I spent every day for a fortnight lying on a hot firing point, shooting at targets. That’s where I was for half of July. It’s been worth it, though, as I’ve rediscovered my passion for shooting (and I will go into the details in another post, because the drama of my school shooting team is better than The Archers. (Not that that’s difficult. (The Archers is pretty crap.)))

I will leave it there for now, because there’s not much left for me to talk about. Seriously, my life is panic and shooting at the moment. Also work. In fact, mostly work. I get one day off a week, including the weekend, and I used my last day off to go to Prescott Hill Climb with my family, so I haven’t had much sleep. Hence why I’m rambling. Also, my stomach hurts and I’m fairly sure that Results Day is sitting in my stomach demanding straight A*s. Either that, or I shouldn’t have eaten so many cold roast potatoes earlier…


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