Why, Universe ? Why must you hurt me in this way?

Oh, the shame.

I don’t even know how much more I can take. Seriously, universe, what did I do? Did I piss you off in some way?

Why must you shame me in this way????

For those of you glued to your computer screens, just dying to know why I’m so embarrassed, I drove over to the DSA Test Centre (the place where you take your practical driving test) yesterday, to have a look and see if I could navigate the massive junction just before it. However, not knowing my way around Quedgeley, I ended up going the wrong way, then missing the turning. While heading at a dead-end. I then panicked, turned too fast and too late and ended up on the wrong side of the road sandwiched between a whole bunch of other learners.

Needless to say, I performed a U-turn and went straight home. It was that bad.

In other news, I took my driving theory test and passed! I was so nervous, because my hazard perception is lousy (see incident above), but I was well above the pass mark.

Of course, this means I now have to do the practical. And not get lost and panic on my way into the test centre.

In other, other news, Ofsted announced they were arriving on one of their short-notice calls to inspect my school. Honestly, seeing an entire school full of teachers panicking and doing interactive lessons while dressed up in suits and ties is really quite amusing. By the sounds of things, every teacher was up by 4AM, and one of them was planning all his lessons as well as getting written plans down.


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