Dear Next,

First of all, I would like to say that I love your clothes. I probably shouldn’t, because I am under the age of thirty, but I do. They are comfortable, wearable and not too ridiculous.

However, I have an issue with one thing. And it is this: was whoever designed all your shirts a complete pervert? Because I have to wear a jumper with all of my school shirts due to the fact that the button placement on your shirts makes me look like a flasher. The buttons are spaced in such a way that there is an almost perfectly circular peephole onto my bra. No amount of shrugging, hunching or wriggling will make it go away. It’s like Tony Stark’s power source only with a bra instead of the bright lights. And I unfortunately cannot use my bra to power-punch my enemies, which would be awesome. Nor can I use it to power a flying suit, which would also be awesome.

Please either fix the problem with the shirts, or invent a bra that can double up as a miniature arc-reactor. Either will be fine.




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