How much weight can YOU lift to shoulder height?

I hate job applications.

I really, really do. I hate having to fill out pages of forms, I hate having to put my qualifications (of course I haven’t got a degree because I haven’t been to university) and I hate having to fill in questionnaires on my leisure interests.

In case you are illiterate, I am in the process of filling out a job application. It’s for a Sunday store assistant at a local pet shop. The application is four pages long and includes such gems as ‘What are your leisure interests?’, ‘Are you related to anyone currently employed by us?’ and ‘What qualifies you for this job?’

They have left out questions such as ‘What is your date of birth?’

Seriously. All I have to do is tick a box confirming that I am over the age of sixteen.

I could be ninety-two!!!!! I could be seriously overestimating the amount of weight I am able to lift to shoulder height (yet another question). My only qualifications for this job are that I can look after animals and communicate with other humans.

In fairness, the job application isn’t that bad. Not compared with the application for my other job. That one came in an Application Pack, with three contracts to sign and about five different government tax forms. That didn’t include the actual application form itself.


Here’s a game for anyone who read this…read through the tags and find the other question I got asked.

I never said it was going to be a fun game.


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