A letter to the driver of the silver van who attempted to be intimidating. Hint: it didn’t work.

Dear Van Driver,

I would just like to say how dedicated you must be to making yourself seem intimidating and manly. Your tailing of my mother and I all the way to a supermarket and your subsequent blocking of our exit was truly an act of deepest commitment to your reputation as an asshole. Even more so, considering that the only reason you did this was because you had to slow down on a roundabout while we pulled into another lane. I can only imagine, from your self-satisfied smirk, that you felt immensely clever and powerful, as you attempted to intimidate us. Your brain cell must have been firing when you chose to drive on after my mother made a call on her mobile, which you presumably thought was to the police.

It’s a pity there wasn’t a spare brain cell to remind you that the name of your employer’s company was written on three sides of your van.

Yours sincerely,



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