Introducing: The Caravan Project

Next year, I’m going on a road trip with a few friends, and in true broke-student style, we’re taking the 1965 Sprite 400 caravan that has been sitting in my garden since…1965 (it was taken out a few times by the old owners, clearly, but either it was barely used or they were the most OCD caravan-owners ever because it’s basically untouched).

The caravan is tied into place with a small tree growing on every side, green with algae and full of spiders, but it doesn’t leak (much) and the floor seems pretty solid. I’m going to put some new tires on it soon, and see if I can’t shift it out of its extremely non-caravan-friendly hiding place and check to make sure it’s sound.

Once that’s done, I can get on with actually restoring it!

I want to be as faithful to the 1960s Sprite styling as possible, but having seen the migraine-inducing colour scheme it’s got going on, I’m not going to be absolutely anal about returning it to its original condition. The cushion covers are mustard yellow, y’all.

The old owners have covered the floor in dark blue carpet, which actually doesn’t look too bad, however, it’s completely impractical and the original vinyl is underneath. It’s brown with green and yellow squiggly bits.It sounds disgusting, but it isn’t too bad and with a proper, 60’s-look restoration, it might actually turn out quite (forgive me for the following word; it’s the only one I can think of) funky.

It’s also got some 60’s/70’s sun loungers and the cushion covers from a bench seat of some kind. I absolutely love the patterns on these; big blue and green stylised flowers which I really would love to replicate in the caravan.

Sprite weren’t into space-age or hippie styling. Their signature colours were so-orange-it’s-more-orange-than-an-actual-orange and (in my case) mustard-that-got-caught-up-in-a-nuclear-war-yellow. Complete the look with plain matte wood furniture and pale green cracked-effect lino surfaces and you’re in an actual time machine.

So I think my colour scheme is going to be green with a bit of blue and yellow in there…I wanted cream and red or something striking like that, but I’m working with what I’ve got.

Caravan posts should be up every Sunday from now on, complete with photos of it in various stages of restoration…


BJ #3:

I was reading a book about adhesive the other day. I just couldn’t put it down.


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