It’s the beginning of the end (I bet you all think this post is going to be suicidal or apocalypse-related or something)

It was the first day of my last year of secondary school last week. I’m bucking the trend and not applying to university this year, because I have no idea what I want to study. Therefore, instead of regaling you with tales of my struggles with various applications and forms and whatnot, I thought I’d just comment on what it’s like being back at school.

First off, I have a new Biology teacher. Two lessons in her presence is enough for me to determine that I dislike her. She flips between fake-smile bubbliness and extreme rage faster than most schizophrenics. When she’s not being angry, she’s pretending to be the owner of the winning bitch at Crufts and saying “Good girl!” to every female member of the class who answers a question correctly (not many, due to her not accepting any answer unless it comes out of her own mouth). The boys get ignored.

New Biology teachers aside, school has changed in more ways than one since the last time I was there. We’ve moved onto the cashless system for buying food from the brand spanking new Refectory on the school field. This involves placing your fingerprint onto the reader and having money taken out of your account. That’s it. I’m conveniently forgetting to tell my parents that there’s a physical cash input machine, otherwise they’d make me pay for my own food.

This cashless system caused a lot of controversy among my classmates when it was announced. I go to a nerd school, where everything that moves is turned into the subject of a debate. Naturally, the cashless system and the fact that everyone’s fingerprints would be on the school database caused a massive moral debate culminating in a number of people refusing to have their fingerprints scanned. They spent the summer holidays feeling all rebellious and independent, then realised that they can’t operate any of the printers without their fingerprints.

I was reading The Bloggess a few days ago (I don’t do much else) when I found one of her posts about the travelling red dress. I thought that was one of the most amazing things anyone could do; to manage to reach so many people and it’s inspired me to have a go at all those things I never had the courage to do before. You’ll see what I mean later…

Anyway, that’s my life updated a tiny bit…hopefully I should be back in a day or so!


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