Barbed wire and armpits do not mix

Note to self: when detangling neighbour’s filly from neighbour’s train-wreck of a fence-line, remember that you are wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, and barbed wire is sharp. Your armpit will thank you.

Also refrain from fantasizing about setting the filly free in the dead of night.

Also refrain from laughing at the memory of the last time the filly did get free and the subsequent memory of the neighbours chasing said filly around a 20 acre field for an hour while she galloped away from them.

Ditto re: feeling smug because the filly does not run away from you, and will actually let you prod her legs while you try to persuade her to step out of the barbed wire nightmare wrapped around her leg while leaning over a 4 foot barbed wire fence.

It is acceptable to get a little bit pissed off when this is a daily occurrence caused by the filly seeing you and trying to walk through the fence for a little bit of human affection.


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