I’m no longer the Crazy Cat Lady.

I’m the Crazy Blog Lady.

I have a feeling I’m becoming slightly obsessed with blogging.

Seriously, 3 posts in one day. That is why this one is going in the drafts folder until I have calmed it down a little. Of course, no one will know this until I’ve actually published this post.

WordPress isn’t exactly helping. Every time I publish a post, they put a little achievement bar next to it and tell me how many more it is to my next goal. Which I didn’t even set. Anyway, I’m on 7 posts out of 10. That’s right, people. 10 whole posts. It’s insane, the amount of content on this blog.

I’m now up to 23 views. Two more views in a day. This is making my life, even if no one wants to comment and they’ve only come here because of the link in a comment I posted somewhere and they were hoping to see some good ol’ porn blogging and instead they found my obsessive-compulsive cat.

could blog about porn, if I wanted. I just prefer to get my kicks by writing posts with titles that actually aren’t misleading at all if people would just think outside the box. It makes me feel like Dr Evil. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Villain Chair and I don’t have the money to buy one. Yet. So all my fantasies about swiveling round to face whoever dares enter my room while stroking a cat will have to remain in my head for now.

In other news, my grandmother is about to give away her car. To one of her granddaughters. I am one of them. Contender 2 is older than me and should therefore be allowed the car, but Contender 2 has also failed her first five driving tests and is already insured on a car of similar proportions to my grandmother’s. Also, she’s moving to Cambridge, and bicycles are the only viable transport option in Cambridge. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I, on the other hand, live way out in the countryside where the only viable transport option is a car. Also, I’m probably more likely to pass my test first time than Contender 2.


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