I have a cat that thinks it’s a parrot.

My boyfriend hates cats.

Just his luck, then, that he’s landed a girlfriend with seven of them.

I’m determined to make him like cats and he’s slowly coming around. Last night, he actually let Parrot-Kitten sit on his shoulder and eat prawn crackers. He has also decided that he  likes Twiglet because she ‘has a personality’ (she refused to accept that she wasn’t allowed on the table).

I am also slightly dreading the return of my mother because I have managed to accidentally convince Parrot-Kitten that his name is Pudding, I would like nothing more than to name a kitten Pudding, but that idea has been vetoed. Also Peanut (for the kitten in my main photo).

The Boyfriend left to go back to London today, so we had a morning to say goodbye to one another. To say goodbye, we sat in the garden with a metal detector and dug a hole to see what we could find (a very large earthworm). Then one of the cats turned up and fell asleep in the hole and we decided not to dig her up, so we couldn’t carry on with that (also, she wasn’t made of metal (we checked)).


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