Why’s everyone screaming and running?

It’s because I’m here, isn’t it?

For starters, yes, that is one of my cats up there in the header. He’s going to be a meme one day. Just look at that little scream-face he’s got going on.

In case anyone didn’t find my username, I love animals. I can’t think of much else to write. I’m useless at introductions.

OK, 10 facts:

1. I can’t think of anything to write.

2. I might have to shorten this list.

3. If you wait for a few blog posts to turn up out of my brain, you’ll soon realise that I’m mildly insane.

4. THAT LAST ONE RHYMED!! Obviously, I can spit lyrics.

5. I have a paraplegic chicken. No, seriously.

6. I have a horse that walks with a limp like an old school pimp. Once again, I’m not kidding.

7. I have a cat with a heart marking, who can pull the Puss in Boots face from Shrek. Are you not beginning to be jealous of my awesome animal collection?

8. I am animal-crazy.

9. Nos. 5-7 on the list are not all of the animals I own.

10. I am all out of facts about myself.

[TO ANYONE WHO FOLLOWED ME HERE FROM BLOGSPOT NO ONE: The pigeon has vanished *sad face*]

Really, I only started this post so my blog wouldn’t look pathetically empty. Also so I wouldn’t have to get on with a 5,000 word essay that I haven’t started and am supposed to have a draft of by tomorrow. Oooh, another fact! I am the definition of the word ‘procrastination’ (Actually, that might be Charlie McDonnell¬†but hey, look where he is now. I can dream.

I am all out of ideas, so I’m going to go now, and carry on not doing work I’m supposed to have finished.